Muta is family owned company run by women on a mission to make visible the work of small artisan communities to preserve their traditions and implement fair trade practices.


In a world that moves fast and lives fast, Muta Gallery is the invitation to slow down, to give time and meaning to everything that surrounds us.

Life is precious and so should all the things be that come to it. Life is a collection of moments, people, feelings, objects...life is precious and so should all the threads be that weave our story.

We fight against meaningless objects that create meaningless lives.

We know that your space and your rituals are the extension of your essence and are as sacred for you as for us. This is why we bring you only handmade, fair trade and environmentally responsible pieces that enrich your life and that of all the people involved.

All the things in the world have a story and we want to make sure you get to know it, because behind every piece there is a person, there is a story, there is a complete world. These stories enrich each piece and make you connect with more than just an object, enrich your life with the most tangible representation of all the pieces of history sewn together.

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